Please get in touch with me if you are thinking of coming to, or continuing studies at, Concordia and you think your interests may converge with my own. I am particularly interested in supervising and working with students on issues of urban Indigeneity and Indigenous/Native studies in general, migration/mobility, hunting, food, Japan (East Asia), sports or questions of anthropological knowledge or ethnographic practice, including participatory action research and collaborative writing/research.

Supervision (at Concordia unless otherwise stated; INDI refers to Individualized Programs, a unique graduate initiative offered by the School of Graduate Studies; SCA refers to our department’s bi-disciplinary PhD program in Social and Cultural Analysis; HUMA is the Humanities PhD program based at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture )


Principal Supervisor

Current – Darren Matthews (INDI) The Role of Narrative in Human Evolution

Current – Marie-Eve Drouin-Gagné (SCA) Social and Cultural Theories in Indigenous Higher Education Networks in the Americas (US, Canada, Andes): taking up the challenge of decolonizing Western conceptions of societies and social justice?

Current – Sara Breitkreutz (SCA) Nipivut – ‘our voice’: building community through urban radio in Montreal

Current – Anne-Marie Turcotte (SCA) Trajectoires discontinues : le cas des jeunes nunavimiut en centre de détention jeunesse à Montréal

Committee Member

Current – Bettina Koschade (HUMA)

Current – Salma El-Hankouri (HUMA)


Principal Supervisor

Current – Lydia Fanelli (Anthropology) Inuit Women in Situations of Homelessness

2016 – Zenas Kuate Defo (Anthropology) “We’re all on the same boat, but we’re not the same passengers”: an exploration of the hidden and fragmented nature of the homeless subject

2016 – Jonathan Goldner (Anthropology) Teaching the Whole Body: Apprenticeships in Gwitchi’in Canoe Building

2016 Isabelle Simpson (Anthropology) “If I’m not a ship, I’m a boat that could be”: Seasteading and the post-social political imagination (read Isabelle’s article in Anthropology News here)

2014 Sara Breitkreutz (Anthropology) Stories of Place: Urban Community and Contested Space in Montreal’s Cabot Square

2014 Miles Smart (Anthropology) A View into the Sahtu: Land Claims and Resource Development

2012 Jessica McCaffrey (Anthropology) Burning Man: Transforming Community through Countercultural Ritual Process

2010 Morgan Phillips (Anthropology) Understanding Resilience through Revitalizing Traditional Ways of Healing in a Mohawk Community

Examining Committee Member

2015 H. Jordane Struck (Anthropology) A Season for the Ages: The Dialectics of Continuity and Change in the Life Course of Amateur Hockey Players in Montreal

2015 Ravi Jilwah (Anthropology) Wanderlust: Young Canadian Professionals’ Movement and Lives between Canada and Japan

2015 Charles Grey (Anthropology) Inscribed Sociality: Literacy, Learning and Community in Montreal

2014 Thomas Prince (Anthropology) Success Stories to Re-Cast Gulu, Uganda: Confronting Narratives of Dependency and Inability through Ethnographic Collaboration in a Post-Conflict Region

2014 Elena Korniakova (INDI) Representation of Nature in Canadian and Russian Ethnographic Animation

2013 Sarah Parisio (Anthropology) A New Model for Care: A Case Study in Creating Community among Persons With and Without Disabilities

2010 Gail Mahood (Anthropology) The Art of Colonialism: Inventing Canadian Identity through Inuit Soapstone Carving

2010 Phillip Gingras (Anthropology) Invisible Migrants: the Case of Russians in Montreal

2010 Raquel Arguelles Rosel (Anthropology) El camino del horror: Central Americans in Transit Through Mexico, Human Rights Violations, and La Casa de la Caridad Cristiana

2010  Angelica Higuera (Anthropology) Remember, Remember the 6th and 7th of November: Colombia 1985 Siege of the Palace of Justice

2010 Graham Candy (Anthropology) Mapping Gaming Infrastructures

2009 Kanae Tada (Sociology) Aboriginal Entrepreneurs in the Market Economy: An Exploration of Alternative Aboriginal Development

2009 Sarah Orr (Anthropology) ‘We are Creatures who are Looking for the Extraordinary’: The Presence of the Dreamtime in a Shamanic community in Urban Quebec