My teaching philosophy is very much about engagement; trying to demonstrate the relevance as well as social and political significance of class material. In whichever course it may be, a main objective is to try and enable students to think about and reflect on the issues we look at outside of the classroom and in their own everyday experiences. Also, I always try to find ways to get the students I supervise or my teaching assistants to participate in parts of my courses that relate to their research either through a presentation or guest lecture. I am very much committed to always improving as a teacher and educator and was truly honored to be awarded the ‘Best Teacher Award’ by the Sociology and Anthropology Student Union (SASU) for the 2010-11 year. This award is bestowed on a faculty member based on the votes of students, a fact that only heightens its significance and which reaffirms my intention to keep on developing and reworking the ways and means of communicating course material.

The courses I teach are below – although, please note, that I do not offer them every year. Please click on the title for each course rationale and links to course websites.

ANTH204: Introduction to Native Peoples of North America

ANTH498: Special Topics: International Indigenism

ANTH311: European Anthropological Theories

ANTH495: Honours Seminar



ANTH601: World Anthropologies

ANTH620: Writing for Inter-cultural communication